Our concept

  • Travel back in time! Come and rediscover numerous cities in France as they once were, following in the footsteps of those who shaped their history.
  • During your visit, your guide will be dressed in a meticulously crafted costume from the era, assuming the role of a key figure from the city's history, ensuring an immersive tour experience.
  • The itineraries include unique routes along different historical events and often overlooked anecdotes. This offers an authentic and intimate way to delve into the behind-the-scenes of everyday life in the city, as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants, while tracing the significant eras and events that influenced their journeys.
  • Various themes can be explored depending on the chosen tour, including societal topics, stories of notorious criminals, questions about religion, the role of women in history, and more...
  • Epok'tour offers a dynamic and interactive tour format that allows you to revisit the city, its history, and its greatest mysteries.

Why Book a Tour with Us?

Local Expert Guides in the Spotlight

Passionate professionals who are eager to share their knowledge while bringing their passion to life and promoting their region, architecture, and rich history.

Tours in historical outfit

Tours are conducted in historical Outifits. Each costume piece has been meticulously crafted according to historical rules and details found in archives. It may also include accessories from that era.

Dynamic and Playful Tours

Far from traditional guided tours, this type of costumed tour adds an interactive and playful dimension to exploring cities from a captivating perspective, suitable for all ages.

Interactive Map

An interactive map allows you to quickly find the various tours offered in France. New tours are constantly added to the map, so if you want to stay updated on the latest additions, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

Best Price Guarantee

When you book directly with us, you'll always get the lowest price online.

Traveler Reviews

Each page features its own review section. Travelers who have participated in the tour can share their experiences by writing a review of their visit. These reviews will help you validate the quality of our guides.